Coral Reef Resources

In this section you will find an inventory of some of these resources, including:

  • Glossary of terms that have been defined throughout the toolkit as well as additional terms that may be of interest
  • References for all publications that have been cited throughout the toolkit, including links to documents where available

The Reef Resilience Network also offers a variety of useful resources on resilience and related topics, including:

  • Coral Reef Fisheries Module highlights the latest science and management strategies for coral reef fisheries around the globe, with emphasis on their importance, what makes a reef fishery resilient, and potential assessment methods and management tools available to resource managers
  • The Reef Resilience Online Course (mentored and self-paced versions) that provides an opportunity to learn important reef conservation concepts in an easy format
  • Article summaries of recent scientific publications, making relevant science accessible to managers
  • Webinars on hot topics in coral reef management based on practitioner interest
  • Resilience Training program resources
  • Reef Resilience Network Forum — an online community for managers
  • Reef Resilience News — providing reef managers with information about new science and management strategies, events, recent publications and web resources

If you know of additional resources that would be helpful to include, please contact us.

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