February 20 at 3:00 PM EST

One of the most important factors in establishing and managing effective marine protected areas (MPAs) is ensuring that sustainable, long-term financing is available. The collection of user fees is a common method of funding MPAs, but due to lack of legislation, safety, and workload, fee collection and management has proved challenging to implement for some MPAs. Reef Support is a new tool designed to help MPA managers collect and sell marine park fees to visitors. Developed by Ramón de León, former manager of the Bonaire National Marine Park, Reef Support is a simple, robust, and customized tool that offers not only a safe way to receive money, but also access to a growing database of park visitors, a unique ticketing system, and the possibility to generate customized financial reports. Join our webinar with Ramón to learn how you can use this tool to achieve (and fund!) your conservation objectives. He will give an overview of the research that went into designing the tool, give a demonstration, and answer participant questions. REGISTER HERE.

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