Sewage is the largest contributor to coastal pollution. And yet, few people are talking about ocean sewage pollution. During a new series of online activities and events, we will discuss and demystify this massive ocean issue and innovative approaches being used to address it.

Explore Ocean Sewage Series webinar recordings:

  • Addressing the Threat of Ocean Sewage Pollution – Dr. Stephanie Wear of The Nature Conservancy kicks off the series with an overview of sewage impacts on the environment, coral reefs, and coastal communities, and makes the case for why we need to act now to mitigate ocean sewage pollution.
  • Wastewater 101 – Christopher Clapp of The Nature Conservancy provides an introduction to the basics of wastewater, including an overview of terminology, how septic systems work (and fail), and how wastewater is managed, treated, and discharged into our oceans directly and indirectly.
  • Long Island Sewage Story Part I & Part II – Stuart Lowrie and Christopher Clapp of The Nature Conservancy tell the tale of a 10-year effort to tackle the daunting nitrogen pollution issue on Long Island, New York and shift the paradigm in water management.
  • Understanding Sewage Impacts in Hawai‘i – Reef managers and scientists in Hawai’i share about ways to uncover and understand what is in our water.
  • Sewage Mitigation Projects from Around the World – A panel of experts shared innovative and community-related sewage mitigation solutions in Africa, Latin America, and the U.S.
  • Applying Behavioral Insights to Sewage Pollution – Katie Velasco from Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment explained why we need behaviorally-informed solutions to address the problem of ocean sewage pollution.


Photo © Joe Miller and Steve Spring

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