Communications for USVI Corals – Virtual 2021 & 2022

During the past year, RRN staff worked with reef managers in the U.S. Virgin Islands to develop outreach materials for local Senators promoting the value of coral reefs and highlighting actions they can take to help protect them. During five online meetings over two months in 2021, the team used the strategic communication planning guide to develop key messages and plan outreach materials and tactics. They hired a local graphic designer to create a series of outreach materials from these messages. Materials – showcased below – included a handout to share during in-person meetings and events, infographics to promote via social media and newspaper ads, and a small, framed poster to display on Senators’ walls and relevant meeting places and venues. The goal of this project was to convey the value of VI reefs to a priority target audience (Senators was the audience selected by local managers) while building communication planning capacity of participating managers. Explore the materials they developed to get ideas for your communication project.


USVI Value of Reefs Brochure


USVI Value of Reefs Poster


Facebook posts featuring the value of USVI reefs. Additional posts were created to highlight the problems facing reefs, impacts from stony coral tissue loss disease, and what Senators can do to protect VI reefs.

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