How We Work

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Our History

For more than 19 years, the Reef Resilience Network has served as a global leader in building the capacity of marine managers to effectively manage, protect, and restore coral reefs and reef fisheries around the world. To achieve this, we connect reef managers and practitioners with peers, experts, and the latest science and strategies, and provide online and hands-on training and implementation support. The Network is a partnership led by The Nature Conservancy that is comprised of more than 5,200 active members, and supported by dozens of partners and TNC staff, as well as 100s of global experts in coral reefs, fisheries, climate change, and communication who serve as trainers, advisors, and content reviewers.

Our Approach

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Our Impact

For 16 years, the Reef Resilience Network has played a critical role connecting marine managers and practitioners with peers, global experts, tools, and knowledge to innovate and promote solutions for improved management and conservation of coral reefs around the world.


of the 105 countries and territories with coral reefs have received training ref


Managers and practitioners have participated in an online training, webinar, or in-person workshop ref


People access our online toolkit annually ref

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