Global Mangrove Watch Mentored Online Course

Red Mangrove Haiti Tim Calver

Course Description

June 21 – July 15, 2022

**The enrollment period for this course has closed. A self-paced version of the course will be available in August 2022.
Thriving mangroves play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity, building resilient coastal communities and supporting effective climate action. The Global Mangrove Watch (GMW) platform is an online tool that enables universal access to the most recent information on mangrove extent and loss across the world. The Global Mangrove Watch Mentored Online Course familiarizes managers and practitioners with the information and functionality of the platform. Through lessons, webinars and discussion with global experts, participants will learn how to use and interpret the GMW platform data to inform both on-the-ground efforts and policy and guide the effective management and conservation of mangroves.

The free online course is accessible to participants around the world, takes approximately 6 hours to complete, and consists of 3 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Global Mangrove Watch
  • Lesson 2: Remote Sensing of Mangroves
  • Lesson 3: Mangrove Blue Carbon

Collectively, these lessons provide a comprehensive overview of how remote sensing is used to map mangroves and how the GMW platform can be used to access and interpret mangrove data and generate reports. Course participants will also learn about the capacity of mangroves to store carbon, and the role mangroves can play in climate mitigation and policy globally.

The lessons were developed by Aberystwyth University, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Mangrove Action Project, Reef Resilience Network, The Nature Conservancy, University of Cambridge, and Wetlands International.

Course Audience

Marine Managers and Practitioners


6 hours
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