Mapping Ocean Wealth and the Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project Workshop – Saint Lucia, 2019

Thirty-five natural resource professionals representing 10 countries and 30 agencies in the Caribbean participated in a three-day workshop held in St. Lucia as part of the Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project. The workshop was designed to build participant’s understanding of ecosystem services, emphasizing coastal and marine ecosystems, and how to integrate ecosystem services into planning and policy. It also included the latest scientific guidance on how terrestrial and blue carbon sequestration can be measured and utilized to promote conservation and restoration of ecosystems.
The workshop kicks off a three-year project to develop ecosystem service models for five countries in the Eastern Caribbean using methodologies developed under TNC’s Mapping Ocean Wealth initiative, and to develop training and resources to improve data access for decision-makers. It was funded by the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Commission and co-hosted by The Nature Conservancy and the Caribbean Public Health Agency.
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