Adaptation Design Tool Train-the-Trainers Online Course – Virtual, 2021

Map of countries and territories reached with RRN training

New Cal CCAP Training CEN 3

As part of the Resilient Reefs Initiative—a global effort to build the resilience of World Heritage coral reefs and the communities that depend on them—a month-long online course was held to train facilitators in New Caledonia to use the Adaptation Design Tool and help local managers build climate resiliency into their management plans. The course was co-hosted by the Reef Resilience Network and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’ Office of Research and Development, with support from the Resilient Reefs Initiative lead partner, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Course objectives included: building local capacity; fostering a shared understanding of likely climate impacts; and identifying opportunities for the resilience strategy – a key product of the Resilient Reefs Initiative – to support managers in addressing climate threats, including the identification of new actions or policies as part of the strategy work.

Thanks to course mentors Jordan West, U.S. EPA, Kitty Courtney, Tetra Tech, and Sarah Castine, Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Interested in learning about the Adaptation Design Tool? Take the self-paced online course.

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