SECORE International hosted a workshop at the Carmabi Marine Research Station Curaçao from May 18th – 27th. The opening day of the workshop started with a seminar to provide a global picture of coral restoration, discussing current obstacles and potential solutions. View the recordings of the presentations below.


This online seminar and workshop is part of the opens in a new windowGlobal Coral Restoration Projectopens XML file initiated by SECORE International, opens in a new windowCalifornia Academy of Sciences and opens in a new windowThe Nature Conservancy, and further supported by opens in a new windowCARMABI Foundation, opens in a new windowCuraçao Sea Aquarium, opens in a new windowColumbus Zoo and Aquarium, opens in a new windowShedd Aquarium as well as opens in a new windowState of Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources.

The workshop aims to foster exchange between participants and organizers, working in the fields of coral science, restoration, aquaculture and marine resource management. The workshop is comprised of hands-on work, such as rearing coral larvae from daylight spawner Diploria labyrinthiformis, practicing the art of micro-fragmentation and outplanting techniques, as well as theoretical sessions on how to select outplanting sites and monitor restoration efforts.


Photo © Barry Brown/SECORE International/

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