Global Mangrove Watch Mentored Course – Virtual, 2022

Map of countries and territories reached with RRN training

From June 21 – July 15, 2022, the Reef Resilience Network, in partnership with Global Mangrove Watch partners, hosted a mentored online course on Global Mangrove Watch. The course had 153 participants from 94 countries and territories. The mentored course combined 3 self-paced lessons, two live webinars, and discussions with other course participants and mentors in weekly forums. Each of the webinars hosted presentations by Global Mangrove Watch experts.

The course enabled participants to confidently navigate the Global Mangrove Watch (GMW) platform and learn how to utilize its data and tools in support of the effective management of mangroves. Course lessons included: Introduction to Global Mangrove Watch, Remote Sensing of Mangroves, and Mangrove Blue Carbon. Learn more about the self-paced course. You must create a free account on to access the course.

We’d like to thank the many expert mentors who participated in the course: Dr. Annick Cros, Dr. Pete Bunting, Emily Goodwin, Lammert Hilarides, Dr. Jennifer Howard, Emily Landis, Maricé Leal, Kate Longley-Wood, and Dominic Wodehouse.

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