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The Coral Restoration Consortium’s Field-Based Propagation Working Group and expert coral restoration practitioners from around the world joined us for an introduction to restoration methods for a variety of non-branching coral species. Panelists provided a brief overview of their experience conducting restoration with non-branching corals, including information on rearing, propagating, and outplanting techniques. Presentations were followed by a question-and-answer session, featuring:

  • Dr. Phanor H Montoya-Maya - Director, Corales de Paz; Research Associate, CEMARIN
  • Andrew Taylor - Director, Blue Corner Marine Research
  • Sam Burrell - Senior Reef Restoration Associate, Coral Restoration Foundation
  • Dr. Shai ShafirSenior Lecturer, Oranim College of Education

Read the panelists' answers to additional questions asked during the webinar here.

Resources to Explore

  • Paper - Reef fishes recruited at midwater coral nurseries consume biofouling and reduce cleaning time in Seychelles, Indian Ocean
  • Webinar- Photomosaics as a Tool for Monitoring Coral Restoration Success
  • White paper - Coral Restoration Foundation Photomosaic Manual
  • Webinar- Building Restoration Programs to Withstand Hurricanes: Lessons Learned from Irma and Maria
  • Paper- Improved sustainable maintenance for mid-water coral nursery by the application of an anti-fouling agent

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