Coral Reef Resilience Coordinator for the Government of Guam, Whitney Hoot, takes us behind the scenes of the Guam Reef Resilience Strategy: how it was developed, packaged and pitched to gather stakeholder input and build support for implementation. During this 30-min presentation, Whitney will share “wins,” insights, and lessons learned from this three-year process.

The Guam Coral Reef Resilience Strategy (GRRS) is an adaptive, strategic framework to guide coral reef management on Guam. The goal of the GRRS is to address local stressors and enhance the resilience of Guam’s coral reef ecosystems and human communities to the impacts of climate change by 2025. The GRRS was developed by 56 individuals, representing 16 local and federal agencies, educational and research institutions, non-profit organizations, and private sector entities. In June 2019, the Government of Guam formally adopted the GRRS, calling for its immediate implementation.

This webinar recording is part of a series featuring “building blocks” of of resilience-based management from around the globe brought to you by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s Resilient Reefs Initiative (RRI) in cooperation with the Reef Resilience Network. Explore other webinars in this series.



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