eReefs is an eight-year $36 million collaborative project that combines government commitment to protection of the Great Barrier Reef, world-class science innovation and contributions from leading Australian businesses. Using the latest technologies to collate data, and new and integrated modelling, eReefs will produce powerful visualization, communication and reporting tools forming the first step in building comprehensive coastal information systems for Australia. This information will benefit government agencies, Reef managers, policy makers, researchers, industry and local communities. During this 30-minute webinar, Cedric Robillot, Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program Executive Director at the Great Barrier Reef Foundation will introduce eReefs and discuss strategies for improving knowledge transfer and collaboration between scientists and managers.

This webinar recording is part of a series featuring “building blocks” of of resilience-based management from around the globe brought to you by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s Resilient Reefs Initiative (RRI) in cooperation with the Reef Resilience Network. Explore other webinars in this series.


Video introduction to eReefs:


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