opens in a new windowStatus and Trends of Coral Reefs of the Pacific was released this September, and is the first report of its kind for the Pacific and the third in a series of Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN) reports dedicated to describing the status and trends of the world’s coral reefs.

From nearly 20,000 surveys in 128 islands, this report reveals that Pacific reefs are changing, but local management actions can help to mitigate the effects of global change, at least in the near future.

opens in a new windowSerge Planes, one of the report’s authors and Director of Research at the French National Center of Scientifique Research and Director of France’s Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) CORAIL, discusses key findings from the new report Status and Trends of Coral Reefs of the Pacific and what the results mean for improving the management of Pacific reefs.

This webinar is co-sponsored by the opens in a new windowInternational Coral Reef Initiative, the Reef Resilience Network and the opens in a new windowEBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by OCTO and NatureServe).

Photo © Lauric Thiault

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