Reef managers and scientists in Hawai’i presented about ways to uncover and understand what is in our water. Dr. Dan Amato from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa presented about statewide efforts identifying and mapping impacts of sewage pollution to guide a cesspool removal process. Dr. Kim Falinski from The Nature Conservancy Hawai’i shared about community-scale research to understand wastewater impacts and which areas should be prioritized for management action. Michael Mezzacapo with Hawai’i Sea Grant and the University of Hawai’i Water Resources Research Center talked about the State’s Cesspool Conversion Working Group efforts to incorporate state-of-the-art science into a planning and decision-making process.

This webinar is part of a series of online activities and events about ocean sewage pollution – an enormous environmental problem that few people are talking about. During the series, we will discuss and demystify this massive ocean issue and innovative approaches being used to address it.

Additional Resources:

  1. USGS: Source-Tracking Approach for Detecting and Identifying Sources of Wastewater in Waters of Hawaiʻi
  2. Citizen Science to Improve Hawai‘i’s Water Quality Webinar

If you do not have access to YouTube, email us at for a link to download the recording.


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