Around the world, wastewater pollution is caused by a lack of sanitation and poor management of wastewater. 80% of global wastewater – which includes human sewage – is discharged into the environment without treatment, releasing an array of harmful contaminants into the ocean and causing direct harm to people and coral reefs. Historically, the public health, utilities, and planning sectors have been tasked with managing wastewater discharge. But, with the growing impacts of wastewater pollution in the ocean, the perspective, expertise, and actions of natural resource managers and practitioners are critical to reducing this threat. The new Wastewater Pollution Toolkit provides the latest science and strategies to help marine managers address wastewater threats wherever they work. The series of webpages summarizes the impacts of wastewater pollution to human and marine health; current management strategies and innovative solutions; and approaches to mitigate wastewater pollution through monitoring, management, and collaboration. The latest science and examples of monitoring and management strategies are provided through 10 case studies, 29 journal article summaries, and a series of webinars – the Ocean Sewage Pollution Series. The Wastewater Pollution Toolkit was developed by the Reef Resilience Network and The Nature Conservancy in consultation with expert advisors from across the globe representing the public health, planning, and ocean management sectors.

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