Finfish Aquaculture

Photo © Robert Jones/The Nature Conservancy

Many countries and communities are considering aquaculture as a way to provide coastal communities alternative livelihoods, create seafood for local markets and export, and provide a climate resilient complement to wild fisheries. Sound management and sustainable farming practices are critical to ensure aquaculture develops in a manner that does not negatively impact marine ecosystems.

This webinar introduced the new Reef Resilience Network Aquaculture toolkit which provides resources for coral reef managers who already have aquaculture in their area or are planning for it. It focuses on finfish aquaculture and provides an introduction to aquaculture and its importance for food security and livelihoods; impacts, mitigation, and proper management; site selection; legal and regulatory frameworks to support sustainable aquaculture; and community-based aquaculture.

In this webinar, aquaculture experts discussed the development of sustainable finfish aquaculture in coral reef areas. Presentations were followed by a panel Q&A discussion.

This webinar was co-hosted by the Reef Resilience Network and The Nature Conservancy’s Global Aquaculture and Micronesia programs.

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