Seabirds Boost Coral Reef Resilience

Climate change poses a significant threat to coral reefs worldwide, necessitating efforts to identify and promote local conditions that enhance resilience in the short term. While it is known that increased anthropogenic nutrients (from agriculture and waste) diminish...

Effects of Management Objectives and Rules on Marine Conservation Outcomes

Area-based management for conserving biodiversity is becoming more common, especially to meet global targets like the 30 X 30 initiative. While Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are often set up to protect biodiversity, other types of management established for different purposes may also help achieve conservation goals, such as the case of other effective area-based conservation measures (OECMs).

Biodiversity Needs Every Tool in the Box: Use OECMs

For context: “An ‘other effective area-based conservation measure’ is defined by the CBD as: A geographically defined area other than a Protected Area, which is governed and managed in ways that achieve positive and sustained long-term outcomes for...

Designing a Blueprint for Coral Reef Survival

The authors of this study convened coral reef experts to outline a set of principles that could be undertaken as a coordinated strategy to sustain coral reefs into the future. Through a new modeling approach, the authors show that under a climate scenario with...
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