This practical guide for coral reef managers and practitioners provides best practice methods for Acropora coral restoration projects to ensure maximum propagation and survival. This guide, which is based on scientific, in-field experiences gathered by Nature Conservancy staff and partners, begins with a detailed account of the case for restoration activities to increase the population of acroporid corals.

It provides in-depth detail into the biology of acroporid corals, best practices for coral gardening methodology, including coral fragment collection, nursery set-up and operations, and coral propagule out-plant practices. It also includes several case studies from throughout the Caribbean region on documented successes and lessons learned. This guidebook is the complete summary of current, up-to-date science on coral restoration

Author: Johnson, M.E., C. Lustic, E. Bartels, I.B. Baums, D.S. Gilliam, L. Larson, D. Lirman, M.W. Miller, K. Nedimyer, and S. Schopmeyer
Year: 2011
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The Nature Conservancy

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