Community-based Climate Adaptation

Philippines. Photo © TNC
Community-based adaptation is important for reef managers because in many cases, community responses to climate change involve management actions that aim to protect coral reefs.
-Lizzie McLeod 

Marine scientists and conservation managers are increasingly recognizing the need to consider climate change impacts in addition to local stressors to secure ecosystems and the services they provide. However, guidance on preparing for climate change can be overwhelming – from the huge number of tools to assess vulnerability, to the lack of guidance on how to measure adaptation and communicate results. In addition, many of the approaches focus on either natural or social targets, not both, which is essential to build the capacity of ecosystems and human communities to respond to climate change impacts.

The Community-Based Climate Adaptation Module compiles the latest scientific guidance and tools to help managers to assess social and ecological vulnerability to climate change and other stressors. It focuses on simple and easy to use approaches to engage communities in assessing and responding to climate impacts. Key topics include: climate change, vulnerability assessments, tools for assessing vulnerability, and case studies describing the implementation of vulnerability and adaptation tools, challenges, and actions taken. Now DIVE IN to explore!

If you are interested in adding a section to this new module, or have comments, questions, or suggestions about Reef Resilience, visit or reach out to the Reef Resilience Team.

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