This science-to-policy brief outlines the threats of wastewater pollution in the ocean, including the cumulative impacts from climate change. This is a comprehensive synthesis of the dangers of ocean sewage pollution that sets the stage for practitioners and decision-makers to understand the importance of responding to the threat of wastewater pollution. The report includes policy and management strategies to address and mitigate wastewater pollution that include increasing public awareness, advocating for increased regulations, and management tools for communities, wastewater treatment plants, and natural resource managers. The report emphasizes the persistent need for data to support decision-making and management programs, particularly data that elucidates trends and impacts of pollution over time. The study encourages regular measurement and reporting to support successful interventions, and practitioners can use this to improve their own familiarity with sewage pollution in their area and the importance of data collection efforts.

Authors: Johnson, J.E., J. Brodie, J. Waterhouse, and S. Erdmann
Year: 2019
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C2O (Coasts Climate Oceans) and UNEP Supporting Science

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