Reef Fisheries

Saltfish drying on the beach at Gouave, one of the fishing communities on Grenada. Photo © Marjo Aho

Establishing a fisheries management strategy can facilitate long-term sustainable fisheries for the benefit of fish, coral reefs and the people who depend on them.

Coral reef fishery managers have spoken up, and we heard you! TNC’s Global Fisheries and Reef Resilience have teamed up to bring you the latest coral reef fisheries science and management strategies.

The Coral Reef Fisheries Module was created through generous funding from our partners including WildAid and covers key topics including coral reef fisheries stock assessment methods, tools for managing fisheries, and surveillance and enforcement systems.

A guidebook for non-fisheries managers who want to improve the management of marine resources can be read opens in a new windowhere. The guidebook presents a broad overview of the different components that collectively make up a fisheries harvest strategy. It describes how fisheries management, when added to a suite of conservation tools, can assist marine conservation practitioners in achieving their objectives, illustrates how conservation practitioners can integrate these components into their marine conservation strategies, and offers suggestions on how to overcome some challenges in fisheries management.

You will also find coral reef fisheries case studies describing management challenges and actions taken, and helpful summaries on the importance of reef fisheries and what you can do to boost their resilience. Now DIVE IN to explore!

If you are interested in adding a section to the reef fisheries module, or have comments, questions, or suggestions about Reef Resilience, reach out to the Reef Resilience Team.

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