four languages GMW course

The self-paced Global Mangrove Watch Online Course enables managers and practitioners to confidently navigate the Global Mangrove Watch platform and learn how to utilize its data and tools in support of mangrove conservation and restoration efforts. The course is available in English, Spanish, French, and Bahasa Indonesia. Collectively, these lessons provide a comprehensive overview of how remote sensing is used to map mangroves and how the Global Mangrove Watch platform can be used to access and interpret mangrove data and generate reports. Course participants will also learn about the capacity of mangroves to store carbon, and the role mangroves can play in climate mitigation and policy globally. The course includes three lessons: 

  • Introduction to Global Mangrove Watch 
  • Remote Sensing of Mangroves 
  • Mangrove Blue Carbon 

You must create a free account on Conservation Training to access the course. If you have questions, contact us at 

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