Wastewater Pollution

Pipe Steve Spring Marine Photobank

Wastewater pollution is a growing threat to people and coral reefs. Although not new, the lack of attention on wastewater management and monitoring persists globally.

The following pages, case studies, and journal article summaries provide information about how wastewater pollution threatens ocean and human health, how it is managed, and how management can be improved to protect coastal environments. The strategies and solutions presented are intended to support reef managers in collaborating with stakeholders and engaging with decision makers to mitigate wastewater pollution in the ocean.

In addition to this content, the Reef Resilience Network is hosting a series of online activities and events to discuss and demystify the massive issue of wastewater pollution and the innovative approaches addressing it. View recordings and sign up for future webinars here.

sewage pipe

Sewage pipe drains to a beach. Photo © Pixabay

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