Analyzing Relative Resilience

Coral reef monitoring, Palmyra Atoll. Photo © Tim Calver

Relative resilience is evaluated to determine how resilient each site is compared to other sites in the area. Managers may want to analyze relative resilience to compare resilience among sites considered for protection or to monitor changes in resilience over time. The relative resilience score is calculated to give us this information.

Calculating a relative resilience score typically involves 3 steps:

  1. Averaging scores for each indicator 
  2. Normalizing values on a 0 to 1 scale
  3. Ranking scores

There are number of recently developed tools to support managers in analyzing relative resilience such as a guidance document, a tutorial for analyzing resilience assessment data, and an Excel file that walks users through the analysis.

Watch this video for an example of a resilience assessment to inform management of the reefs in the CNMI:

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