Global Mangrove Watch

Satellite image of the village of Nukuni on Ono-i-Lau, Fiji. Ono-i-Lau is a group of islands within a barrier reef system in the Fijian archipelago of Lau Islands. Photo © Planet Labs Inc.

The Global Mangrove Watch platform is the world’s most comprehensive mangrove monitoring tool, providing access to the latest information about mangrove distribution and changes. At a global and national scale, policymakers and governments can find the data they need to include mangroves in global policy frameworks. At a local scale, the GMW platform supports coastal governments and managers with near real-time alerts and yearly updates on mangrove extent, helping them to protect, manage, and restore mangroves and secure the many benefits that mangroves provide.

The following infographic provides a simplified overview of the Global Mangrove Watch Platform and its applications.

GMW Infographic

The GMW platform provides access to a collection of spatial data based on the analysis of remote sensing images and was designed to be accessible by all audiences. The following video gives you a quick tour of the platform and how to access the data.

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