Staghorn Corals in Cane Bay, St. Croix. Photo © Kemit-Amon Lewis/TNC

This Coral Reef Restoration Toolkit compiles the latest scientific guidance and tools to help managers, researchers and practitioners ensure the maximum success of a coral reef restoration project and the most efficient use of limited resources.

This section includes the following topics prioritized by a global survey of coral reef managers:

    • An introduction to restoration and its role in coral reef management
    • Key considerations to be made when planning a restoration project or program
    • Enhancing coral populations through fragmentation and larval recruitment
    • Adding new or enhancing already present reef substrate
    • Restoring the reef environment including other coastal habitats

This section was developed through a partnership with experts from the Coral Restoration Consortium (CRC). Click here to learn more about the CRC efforts and the restoration-focused webinar series.

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